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Travelling package

Holidays are a time to lay back and relax!

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Service Description

Keeping your style flawless in holidays can often be stressful and take too much of your time. What if you could pack a luggage carrying only the perfect outfits? I can help you prepare for a romantic getaway, the most wonderful honeymoon, a wild hen party or a relaxed getaway, an important professional trip and more. Leave the stress of what to wear to me and focus on having a good time! What’s included: Introductory phone call to set expectations. Research destination and venues to set the tone and mood of outfits. Create finish outfits including shoes and accessories from the existing wardrobe. Report with photos of finished outfits, details of tips and advice discussed. **If you think you are in need of new outfits then I recommend you opt for personal shopping package.

Contact Details

  • +35799974516

The Package Includes:

  • Seasonal colour analysis using a wide range of colourful drapes 

  • Explanation of how colour analysis works going over each season

  • Tips on how to use colour results that suit you, how to incorporate new colours into your wardrobe and how to combine them 

  • Expert advice on make-up and hair colour

  • At the end of the session you will receive a report detailing the results of your analysis as well as tips and advice offered during the session.

  • *Colour analysis can only take place in my studio

  • **Colour analysis takes place without any make-up, not even foundation as this can significantly alter the results of the process.

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