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Do you wish for a change without too much hustle? How many times have you gone shopping ending up with clothes you might never wear or maybe wear just once? 

Service Description

If you are visiting my website, chances are you love shopping as much as I do! But even if you hate shopping, I can still be the answer to your problem! It is often the case that while you spend a lot of money shopping, you still don’t get the results you expect. With this service, I am able to offer you all my tips and tricks to make the most of your new purchases and achieve the looks you want. 


Ideally, with this service, we would visit various shops together to complete your new wardrobe however, if your schedule is too busy to allow this, don’t stress I can still help you out. I can go to the shops and buy what you need for you to try on, or through online shopping, I can put together a personalised online order from your favourite shops for you.


Personal shopping is a customised experience, unique for every individual client. In order for my services to be effective, I always conduct my own pre-shop research according to shops and brands of your taste so that I can provide you with insightful selections. 

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The Package Includes:

  • Introductory phone call to set expectations.

  • Personalised client questionnaire to determine needs.

  • Mini colour analysis. 

  • Body shape and style personality analysis included. 

  • Pre-shop research at the agreed locations. 

  • Shopping with me or shopping for you or order online.

  • Expert advice on outfits and how to combine based on body type.

  • Report of the overview of the day with photos of outfits as well as tips and advice offered.

  • Please note purchases are always based on your predetermined budget.

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Location: Shopping Venues

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