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Wardrobe Edit

How often do you find yourself dreading choosing your next outfit?

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Service Description

How often do you find yourself dreading choosing your next outfit for work, an outing, or a day when you want to look good? How much time do you waste standing in front of your wardrobe wondering what to wear? I know how precious your time is and I can offer you practical solutions. Wardrobe edit is not just about throwing out all your clothes so that you can buy new ones. Through a wardrobe edit we can make your wardrobe seem like new with little or no additions. During a wardrobe edit, we go through your clothes in order to determine new combinations and matches that will refresh your wardrobe and provide you with new outfits to wear. This means no more wasted time in front of your wardrobe looking for something to wear. Instead, you can go back to the same wardrobe with excitement for the next outfit to wear. This session will leave you feeling refreshed, and stylish with a rich wardrobe! The package includes: -Introductory phone call to set expectations. -Clients receive a questionnaire to determine their needs and expectations -Mini Colour & Body analysis session -Try on some of the clothes to create more combinations and outfit choices. -Identify idle clothes and remove from wardrobe -Advice on how to match outfits with shoes and accessories, handbags etc. -Shopping list with missing pieces from current wardrobe. Clients can either book another session of personal shopping or make their own purchases. -Discover style personality -At the end of the session you will receive a report with photos of all possible combinations created during the session and details of tips and advice offered. **An average wardrobe edit session lasts between 3-4 hours, for additional hours additional charges are incurred.

Contact Details

  • +35799974516

The Package Includes:

  • Seasonal colour analysis using a wide range of colourful drapes 

  • Explanation of how colour analysis works going over each season

  • Tips on how to use colour results that suit you, how to incorporate new colours into your wardrobe and how to combine them 

  • Expert advice on make-up and hair colour

  • At the end of the session you will receive a report detailing the results of your analysis as well as tips and advice offered during the session.

  • *Colour analysis can only take place in my studio

  • **Colour analysis takes place without any make-up, not even foundation as this can significantly alter the results of the process.

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